The worldwide utility sector, (including electricity, water and telecommunications) has always been a major security business growth area. Geoquip has built a well-respected reputation in this segment, and their perimeter intrusion detection systems are already widely used to protect:

  • Fire department facilities in Los Angeles
  • Satellite telecommunications in Indonesia
  • Nuclear power plants in Europe
  • Hundreds of other such facilities around the world

In line with new requirements, Geoquip has recently worked in close partnership with another market leader to develop and supply a complete new security package for a major utility in Scotland. Using input from their established market base, and the reputation and reliability of their respective systems, they have collaborated perfectly to build this new system which has already received full approval from the Ministry of Defence.

With their ongoing and ambitious programme of product development, Geoquip continues to offer new, versatile solutions to the problem of security. Their cost-effective, tailored systems, provide the additional benefits of:

  • Tried and tested microphonic sensors, approved and specified worldwide
  • Electronics designed and manufactured specifically for perimeter protection
  • Comprehensive technical support via a 24-hour telephone helpline and regular site visits
  • Fully trained and approved installers