Geoquip is a world leader in ensuring that prisons remain safe and secure. In addition to British Prisons, Geoquip systems have been installed at more than 40 sites in the United States, and at prisons in France, Australia, Taiwan, the Netherlands and the Middle East.
One of our most security systems, the Defensor, has proven ideal for prison environments, particularly:

  • Where perimeters are excessively long and difficult to monitor
  • Where cost-effectiveness is a prime consideration
  • Where back-up and technical support services are absolutely vital

False alarm rates are kept extremely low due to extensive product testing carried out by our technical development team at approved Geoquip test sites.
Where standard walls and fences are already in place, Geoquip can dramatically increase security by adding one of our advanced and flexible security toppings.
Our extensive experience in providing security systems for Her Majesty’s Prison Service has refined our products to satisfy the most stringent specifications and standards for fence detection.