Geoquip is a proud market leader in this very specialized field of perimeter intrusion detection. This status has been achieved by the superior performance of the detection systems, designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Derbyshire. It is further proven by the fact that Geoquip systems are being chosen to replace alternative systems which do not perform to the very stringent standards required in the Oil and Gas sector.

Assured performance from the market leader

In the field of perimeter protection, the range of technologies available can be bewildering to the end user. Selecting the most appropriate system is equally challenging. At Geoquip, we work closely together with our customer to advise on the best possible solution to their security requirements. This may include combining multiple technologies, depending on the nature of the site.
As an example, the British Oxygen Company (BOC) site at Grimsby approached Geoquip World because their current security system was inappropriate for their site conditions. They used a fence-mounted co-axial cable detection system, however site weather conditions could be extreme and this caused the co-axial system to give a very high level of false alarms. In fact, during such conditions, the system was mostly switched off to avoid the false alarms!
As this situation was unacceptable and costly to BOC, Geoquip was asked to provide an alternative security system. The solution was the Defensor system, using the unique Alpha microphonic cable sensor. This system provides high level security coupled with a very low false alarm rate.
Geoquip carried out extensive testing of the Defensor Alpha cable sensor to guarantee that it will outperform other currently available microphonic cable sensor technologies, including optical fibre, co-axial cable, Piezo electric or point sensor devices.

Paul Stathers, BOC Work Engineer, commented as follows:
“BOC takes security very seriously. We chose the Geoquip system based on its performance during a site-based trial over a number of weeks. Since installation, the performance of the system has continued to live up to our high expectations.”