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  • Product Specifications

    StealthGuard: covert portable intruder detection system with hand-held monitor

    • Product specifications
    • Covert, portable, wireless intruder detection
    • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors
    • Multiple units offer a flexible and expandable system
    • Hand-held monitoring unitA top-of-the-range specialist covert system for use by bodyguards, patrolling guards or military personnel. Provides ultimate protection in any environment – yet is easy to use via a convenient hand-held monitor. This power-packed system is built for fast deployment and expandable protection, and is a specialist version of the market leading AutoGuard Covert Detection System. The system can be easily and quickly deployed from a briefcase or body worn ‘ammunition’ style pouch. It has a hand-held monitoring unit and eight rugged, palm sized PIR detectors. All detection components can be easily positioned with universal fixings in virtually any indoor and outdoor environment.
      LED indicators on the monitor unit pinpoint the exact area of penetration within the detection zones. StealthGuard additionally has an audio alarm that instantly alerts the user via a covert earpiece to any unauthorised activity. The system can be easily expanded with up to 64 additional detector heads. The handheld monitoring unit can also control other security systems, including vibration sensors, smoke alarms, door contacts, and personal panic alarms