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  • Product Specifications

    AutoGuard: covert portable intruder detection system for both indoor and outdoor use

    Product specifications

    • Covert, portable, wireless intruder detection
    • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors
    • Multiple units offer a flexible and expandable system
    • Easily integrated into third party alarm systems

    AutoGuard is a covert portable intruder detection system. It is quick and easy to install and can be used practically anywhere. It requires no specialist knowledge and minimal training to use, yet, it provides a precise, expandable solution for both indoor and outdoor security needs.
    AutoGuard has a central monitoring unit with eight, IP66-rated, wireless detectors which are designed to be used either internal or externally. The detector heads have universal fixings which allow them to be covertly positioned in virtually any location from woodland and undergrowth to jungle, desert and urban sites.
    The active ‘alarmed zone’ covered by each detector is 30 meters (in a straight line) from ground level to the height of the detector head location. Upon sensing a suspected intrusion, an alarm signal is transmitted to a mains-powered monitoring unit – a lightweight base station that can be positioned at any central point within range of the AutoGuard detectors. The monitoring unit pinpoints the exact area of penetration via an LED display and adjustable warning sounder.
    AutoGuard can be fully integrated into a wider security program activating external alarms, VCR or CCTV surveillance systems. Extra detector heads and monitoring units can be added as required, making AutoGuard one of the most expandable and flexible detection systems on the market today.