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Sensor Coil

  • Product Specification

    Sensor Coil: combines a razor wire barrier with built-in electronic detection.

    Product specifications:

    • Top quality electronic detection
    • Substantial delay factor for intruder/escapee
    • Available in 30” and 40” wire diameters
    • Ideal for open ground, buildings, walls and fences

    Sensor Coil 600 successfully combines a formidable physical barrier with a high performance intrusion detection system. This patented design is flexible enough to be installed on open ground, buildings, walls, fences and roofs. But without the need for the wide range of technologies normally required for such diverse applications.

    The system incorporates the Geoquip Alpha high performance sensor, which is embedded within the concentric structure of a barbed tape security coil. The barbed tape ensures that any potential intruders or escapees are delayed for as long as possible, while the integrated detection system signals the start of any hostile activity. This enables security personnel to respond rapidly and effectively.
    The barbed tape coils are built from high quality stainless steel to ensure maximum mechanical reliability and exceptional corrosion resistance, even in the most hostile of environments.
    The barbed tape coils are supplied in both 30 inch and 40 inch outside diameters, with the Alpha sensor integrated into the inner coil.

    The sensor provides a broad spectrum of audio signals in response to any hostile activity which disturbs the barbed tape coils. This minimizes the need for complex electronic signal processing techniques which are often required to enhance the performance of other cable sensor systems. The signals are efficiently processed by the Geoquip Defensor signal analyser, which is specifically designed to operate with the Alpha sensor.