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  • Product Specification

    Rotaguard: rotating anti-climb barrier with electronic detection

    Product specifications:

    • Rotating vanes integrating ALPHA sensor cable
    • Suitable for remote and manned sites
    • Easily fitted and cost effective
    • All-round solution for perimeter detection

    Rotaguard is an advanced all-round detection system and anti-scaling barrier for walls, gates and fences. It is durable and easy to install, and provides an inexpensive, yet effective solution to property protection at a time when property owners are legally responsible for injury to intruders.

    The system incorporates Geoquip’s renowned Defensor detection system which alerts security personnel to any attempted intrusion, and can verify alarms with its unique ‘listen-in’ audio verification.
    The advanced design consists of a series of curved vanes, each of which revolves freely around a central shaft which has been modified to incorporate Geoquip’s Alpha cable sensor. The rotating vanes create an unstable barrier which moves if anyone attempts to climb over it. Moreover, the curved vanes prevent an intruder overcoming the barrier by covering or jamming it.

    The system is strong and durable, being manufactured from a technically complex high tensile alloy. It is also corrosion resistant and ideally suited for areas vulnerable to pollution. This corrosion resistance also ensures that the metal remains bright and maintains its deterrent effect throughout its life. The alloy is very lightweight and can be used on mesh or wooden fencing.
    In addition to the standard finish, Rotaguard is also available with black polyester powder coating, and other colors on request. Simple to install, cost-effective and attractively designed, Rotaguard provides an all-round solution to perimeter protection.