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  • Product Specifications

    MicraNET: dynamic RS-485 communication system

    Product specifications

    • Plug & Play
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Noise resistant and resilient
    • Compatible with Geoquip’s GeoLog Vision

    MicraNET is a cost-effective RS-485 communications system linking Geoquip’s reputable detection analyzers together onto a single bus. Alarm information is collated on a control unit and is relayed via an RS-232 connection to a PC running either Geolog Vision or Datalog alarm management software.
    The system uses node modules called slaves, each with 12 monitored contact inputs and 8 dry relay voltage-free outputs. A secondary RS-232 serial port is available to connect devices such as MicrAlerts, and other third party equipment such as Nemtek electric fence energizers.
    A single system has a maximum 64 slave devices, each potentially connected to other devices via RS-232 connectors. This means the system is easily expandable to literally hundreds of detection zones connected together with lengths of twisted-pair RS-485 cable up to 3 km (at high baud rates) and 5 km (at low baud rates).