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Flexible Security Topping (FST)

  • Product Specification

    FST: steel mesh fixed to a flexible steel bracket with electronic detection

    Product specifications:

    • Maximum anti-climb delay
    • Built from robust spring steel with customized fittings
    • Easily fitted with razor wire
    • Ideal for prison perimeters

    FST (Flexible Topping System) is currently the most secure topping system available and is specially designed for prison perimeters or other high security applications.
    FST has been extensively tested and approved by Her Majesty’s Government for use in high security prisons in the United Kingdom. It is built from top quality, specially selected materials, and is manufactured to the very highest standards for long life and long-term reliability. All materials are galvanized but stainless steel razor wire is recommended to give maximum service life.
    At the heart of FST is a steel mesh fixed to a flexible steel bracket that is designed to move when being climbed, upsetting balance and hand holds. The structure can support a man’s weight, so it does not collapse when climbed. Specially sourced spring steel and custom-designed fitments ensure FST is extremely robust, durable, and easy to install.

    Special features built into the FST advanced alarm include:

    • Electronic analyzers that process the signal and only send out alarms for pre-programmed events
    • Highly sensitive sensor cable offers wide frequency detection capabilities and linear characteristics, leaving no weak spots
    • Two-channel detection can be configured to detect cut and climb
    • Monitors can be assigned to individual zones for continuous monitoring of specific high security areas
    • Direct interface possible with CCTV systems – cameras operate as functional or static units