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Geolog Vision ST

  • Product Specifications

    GeoLog Vision: the ultimate integrated security management solution

    Product specifications:

    • Windows operating system
    • Full redundancy capability
    • Total command and video (CCTV) control
    • Reliable and stable

    The introduction of the GeoLog Vision security management system firmly established Geoquip as a leading supplier of total security solutions. GeoLog intelligently and seamlessly integrates the comprehensive range of detection systems produced by Geoquip (and other suppliers) with advanced perimeter security support technologies such as CCTV and Access Control systems.

    Our team of engineers developed GeoLog based on extensive analysis of all client feedback in perimeter security market sectors as diverse as prisons, armed forces, border security, police, oil and gas, and pharmaceutics. This feedback clearly indicated a need for a highly secure perimeter protection systems, coupled with a reliable and stable operating system platform.

    GeoLog Vision was conceived and built to answer all these demands and offer a perfectly integrated, reliable and stable operating system package.