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  • Product Specifications

    Centralert: central processing control solution

    Product specifications

    • Up to 24 zones per rack
    • Rack-mountable electronics for a secure control room environment
    • Zone-sensitive adjustment
    • Easily integrated to 3rd party technologies

    No power requirements in the field

    Centralert offers security designers a wide range of technically excellent solutions. The open architecture embodied in Centralert offers complete flexibility to couple an extensive range of system configurations to best suit your requirements.

    The heart of Centralert is the detection engine, a central module conveniently housed within your plant or control room. This module contains all the hardware needed to analyse every alarm activation. The detection engine is based on a secure embedded system architecture, providing sophisticated but highly reliable digital signal processing without the risks of viruses or other disruptions common to non-embedded platforms.

    Detection sensors on the site perimeter can be connected up to 2.5 km from the detection engine. A control computer, connected to the detection engine, uses datalog management software to access all the system functions via a powerful, easy-to-use interface for operator and engineer alike. The computer can also control other site equipment such as access control, video multiplexers or camera controllers, with comprehensive features to allow automatic switching of other equipment in response to alarm events.

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